Monday, August 3, 2009

A new set of bows!

Wow! This summer has flown and time has gotten away from me. After being in Florida for a month I haven't had much time to post some new bows, but now I do! I hope you enjoy these bows, I am learning something new each day to try to add some variety into these great hair pieces!
Next to come, I am working on some "bug bows"! BEE watching!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Starting Up!

Welcome to Bonker 'Bout Bows! This site will showcase many varieties of bows that I have hand made. If you find something that catches your eye and would like to have a bow custom made for someone you love, please drop me a note and we can make one to your liking!

Thank you for reading and checking out our bows! Please enjoy the following photos and come back for more!

These two bows are "flower bows". I can make these as big or small as you would like. Both of these flower bows are only two layers but can layer them up to four layers for a fuller flower. Each layer varies from number of ribbon choices. You can choose anywhere from 1-6 ribbon colors depending on the size of flower you would like. This bow can be placed on a barrette clip of any size or an alligator clip of any size.

These two bows are "loop-d-loops". I chose two colors of ribbons but you may choose up to four. You can customize the sizes of loops depending on how tall you would like your bow to stand. This particular bow will only work on a barrette clip. I am not able to make this bow on an alligator clip.

This little bow is a tails down bow. It can be made with one layer or multiple. This particular bow is only 2.5 inches long and can be custom made to any size you would like. This bow can also be attached to an alligator clip, barrette, or an elastic hair tie.

These two bows are korker bows. The set of two are my pigtail korkers and the bottom one is a medium sized korker. Both of these korkers have elastic pony tail holders attached, but they can be attached to a barrette or an alligator clip also.